This section is a great solution to offer value to your readers. It’s perfect for downloads of any kind. A few ways you can use these are downloadable color sheets, free ebooks, links to blog posts that have downloadable content, gift lists, featured content, even videos.

If you’re looking for a group to get printables Canva templates for this landing page, my favorite source is Cait Blakley Printables. She has a Printables and More club where she releases 10 editable templates a month you can customize for your content.

So let’s get started on this section!

Important Reminders:

  1. Save your printable as both a pdf for downloads for the media file and a jpeg for your page.
  2. Insert the photo of the printable in the image area.
  3. Add the pdf to the media and grab the link.
  4. Add the link to the button.